Ergonomic Rules To Follow When Working From Home

Millions of Americans are increasingly working from home, converting kitchen tables and bedrooms into temporary and permanent home offices. Many people operate in less-than-ideal ergonomic settings, such as a kitchen chair that is too low or a table that is too high. You get the picture. Inadequate ergonomics can make or break your work-from-home experience.

No slouching over your computer

Working on your laptop for a few hours on the weekend is easy, but doing so for 40-plus hours a week can cause back, shoulder, and neck pain. Use an extra monitor or laptop stand (with an external keyboard and mouse) to hold up your screen if possible. Your eye line should be level with the address bar on your web browser while gazing at the screen.

Utilize an office chair

An ergonomic home office work chair with adjustable features will spare you from lumbar and neck pain.

Never quit on your current chair

When you don’t have access to an home office chair, there are several household things that might help you adjust. Placing a firm cushion or a tightly folded towel beneath your buttocks raises your hips and increases the curvature of your spine, making sitting more comfortable.

Never allow your feet to dangle

Set your feet on a few books or boxes beneath your home office desk, so your thighs are almost parallel with the floor and your hips are slightly higher than your knees. This will lessen the strain on your lumbar spine.

You shouldn’t use your couch as a workstation

As tempting as it is, sitting on the sofa is not the best location to spend the entire day working on your computer. Although it may feel pleasant, having your legs or entire body upright can cause muscular numbness and pain.

Personalize your space for your needs

Set up a workstation that you can completely customize. When you share a workstation, you must change your computer height, chair, and furnishings every time you sit down. Frequently, you may opt to forego altering the workstation entirely. If you are the only person utilizing the area, personalizing will save you time and pain from sitting at a station that isn’t right for you.

Make an effort to get up and move about

Even if you’re at home instead being on campus, the aim is to get in as many steps as possible during the day.

Eat Lunch and Drink Plenty of Liquids

It’s simple to nibble throughout the day instead of eating like you did at work. Making a meal and staying hydrated allows you to stand up, walk around, and take a break from your computer screen.






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