Juggling Working From Home and Home Schooling Your Children

Homeschooling a child is difficult. Working from home is difficult. When you combine the two, you’re in for a tremendous uphill battle. But it can be done, and it can be done well, if you put your mind to it.

You have to balance a lot of things when you homeschool. You already have various responsibilities as a parent, and when you include the duty of being a teacher to the mix, you’re going to be quite busy. What if you have to work as well? Working from home with children might be difficult if you don’t have a strategy for when and how you will work while simultaneously caring for the children. Add in the chore of homeschooling, and you’ve got a lot on your plate.

You need a routine you must stick to

The routine of your day is represented by your daily schedule. Even if you’re not generally a planner, it’s critical to do so when working from home and homeschooling. There are way too many things to do and improvising on the go will only result in disappointment.

To get a lot done in a day, you must be extremely disciplined with your time.Sticking sticking to a schedule is the only way to stay on top of things. Don’t schedule by the minute, but break your time into blocks and know which parts of the day are for what.Every day, you must know what has to be done in our homeschool to finish the year’s curriculum on time. To keep on track, use a planner. In addition, being aware of your own personal work goals you should keep a schedule to ensure that appointments and key tasks do not fall by the wayside.

Organization is key

Find a routine that works for you and your children, whether it’s sticking to their regular school hours or adopting a timetable based on their school’s study time suggestions. A whiteboard or a digital task manager/scheduler might come in handy here. Whatever works best for you and your children, write it down each day so everyone is on the same page. This framework can help kids remain on track while also relieving some of your stress as a parent. Try to write as much as you can on the whiteboard – detailed homework assignments, instructor advise, encouraging remarks – anything to assist clear your mind and prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Setup a separate space for homeschooling your children

It’s crucial to maintain boundaries between school and home – even if they’re now in the same area – just as it is when working from home. Set up a desk and chair in an area of the home where your kids don’t often hang out to aid with the transition into and out of learning time. In this aspect, homeschooling might be advantageous for your child since you can accommodate to their personality and learning style. They may like to work alone in a quiet area, or they may flourish in a more open and collaborative environment, or they may excel when working outside in the fresh air. Inquire with your youngster about the ideal environment for them to study. Studying the same area where the TV and/or a computer setup is located is not recommended.

Define your boundaries

If you are often interrupted at work, your entire family will suffer in the long run. You must complete your task in order to provide for your family financially. Determine when your family members can talk with you and when they can’t, such as when you’re in your home office or sitting at your desk.

Know your limits as a parent and a teacher

While it is important to be involved in your child’s education and to make an attempt to comprehend the material, we are not all instructors. We all come with varying abilities and burdens on our backs, and many of us struggle to recall what we learned in school. Be cognizant of your limits, and don’t push — none of us can be the ideal super parent. This will undoubtedly lead to greater tension, which will further stress your children. There are a plethora of useful internet resources accessible, and instructors are still ready to assist — as long as it is within the educational guidelines. When everything else fails, resort to the good old thing we call common sense.





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