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The Autonomous SmartDesk Standing Desk

With Autonomous’ ergonomic chair and standing desk, you can boost your productivity and general well-being.

The significance of proper posture in preventing chronic health problems has long been emphasized by medical specialists across the world. With the current increase in employees working from home due to the pandemic, ergonomic furniture has become even more important. The latest craze is for comfortable seats and standing workstations with many posture adjustment options.

The Autonomous SmartDesk

Regarding WFHers and remote employees, this would be a critical time to take a long, hard, and thoughtful look at their home office arrangements and consider their options. For those who find themselves shifting in their chairs, gaining weight due to a lack of movement, or even suffering from continual work related bodily pain, now may be the ideal time to invest in a full home office makeover, complete with a brand new Autonomous standing desk as its bright, shining centerpiece.

Since its beginning in 2015, Autonomous has been a firm motivated by technology innovation. Their initial product, Maya, was a robot assistant whose purpose was to make life simpler, more convenient, and wiser. They started out as a group of individuals with a strong grasp of both software and hardware.

Since 2015, Autonomous has released a whole range of practical, utilitarian, and minimalist office furniture that they describe as the most sophisticated and ergonomic desks and chairs on the market. And their flagship SmartDesk standing desk models are a perfect representation of the Autonomous principle. It’s as inconspicuous as you’d hope, with a shockingly strong but traditional appearance that comes in two flavors: the original SmartDesk Core and the much more powerful SmartDesk Pro. The costs of these products are $499 and $699, respectively,  and they come with a 30-day return policy. Depending on your region, you can get these low-cost products delivered within two days.

SmartDesk Core with Autonomous Functions: Flexibility and Freedom for Remote Workers

It’s amazing how different a workday seems when you have the option to just stand up. You can stand up and walk about at any moment from a conventional desk, but you can’t check off things at the same time. The Autonomous SmartDesk Core excels in this area.

This innovative standing desk comes in a variety of colors — 16 to be precise — and appears sleek and modern in your business. The black, grey, and white frame options mix in seamlessly with the decor due to their basic style. Regardless matter whether you work in a traditional, contemporary, or home office, the desk takes up less room.

The desk is simple to accommodate and assemble, and there is plenty of area for your system and accessories. The surface of the Autonomous SmartDesk will not feel crowded or cramped.

With warp-proof medium density fiberboard desktops and surfaces ranging from basic black and white to more beautiful wood textures for full customisation, any model will blend into almost any room style. This features the wraparound SmartDesk Corner model, which is more than six feet long for optimum workspace.

Aside from the ultra-sturdy steel frame, the actual soul of the SmartDesk is its powerful motor, which raises the desk surface from 26 inches to a maximum height of 52 inches, allowing users to stand, exercise their legs, and generally change up the rhythm of their job to keep active and engaged.

The electric dual-motor design makes the lift operation simple and efficient. With a lift speed of 1.1″ per second, it can move from a sitting to a standing posture quietly. Even when fully loaded, the desk remains rock-solid and moves easily, requiring no effort from your bones. However, experts warn against overloading it in order to extend its longevity.

From the Core’s double motor, which can support up to 266 lbs., to the Corner’s triple motor, which can support up to 400 lbs., these desks are more than capable of handling multi-screen setups, laptops, keyboards, and everything else needed to complete your task, all while adjusting to your ideal height for maximum productivity and comfort. Simple arrow buttons, together with a few simple presets, making it a one-click process to select your best positions as the SmartDesk silently and easily moves up and down to your favorite area.

The Autonomous standing desks outperform its counterparts in terms of weight capacity, noise levels, pricing, and desktop size. Although other standing desk are perhaps easier to assemble, they are not as sturdy and usually are not as stable as Autonomous’ products. Autonomous standing desks have also been verified for their superior quality and safety features compared to alternatives in the market.

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