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Phone.com: The Best VoIP Service Provider For Remote Workers

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For today’s flexible, dynamic, and always online remote workers, entrepreneurs, and expanding small businesses, Phone.com is, in our opinion, the ultra-modern work-from-home solution. The Phone.com service contains modern business phone capabilities that remote workers require to successfully and professionally service their clients. Advanced call handling choices improve their and their company’s image (if they are working for one), and mobility capabilities keep them connected with colleagues, clients, and partners whenever and wherever they are, whether in the office or on the go.

In addition, Phone.com provides a virtual phone system that allows them to handle phone greetings, extensions, conference calling, video conferencing, menus, routing, voicemail, fax, SMS, call forwarding, and many other features. Phone.com is the leading cloud-based VoIP phone service provider that caters to the needs of remote workers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Phone.com provides award-winning U.S.-based customer care to consumers across America, in addition to a selection of creative, customized, and cost-effective communications options.

A Phone.com account includes over 50+ standard features. Unlike many other VoIP companies, Phone.com gives all its customers full access to all of its essential services regardless of the pricing plan they choose. This implies that even on the Basic plan, customers will be able to use features available to users of the costlier plans.

Some customers may deem the use of a desk phone unnecessary in their home offices in order to use phone.com’s VoIP service. In that case, Phone.com provides a software client for both smartphones and desktop computers, which they can install to gain access to all of Phone.com’s features. Phone.com account users may use the Android or iOS applications to ensure that they never miss a standard business call, a video conference call or even a basic text message.

Their pricing plans are as follows and customers should choose the plan that best fits their specific needs:

Please visit phone.com for more details

The convenience of Phone.com’s VoIP service is one of its strongest features. It’s simple to get started, users simply pick the plan of their choice, and there’s no obligation or contract to sign. In addition, If users want to get more out of phone.com, they should know that the Basic Plan isn’t only choice. If they like, they can upgrade to any of phone.com’s premium services and also include video conferencing into their desired list of features. Obviously, the more expensive the plan is, the more perks and monthly minutes they’ll receive. Furthermore, the mid-range and high-end plans provide access to extra features not available in the basic plan. However, it should be worth mentioning that the Basic Plan is appealing since it provides a generous number of minutes and a plethora of services at a very low cost — making it a win for the price-sensitive remote worker working from his home office. For the average user, he/she will get a lot more bang for his/her buck with the Basic Plan. After signing up, they’ll discover that getting started with this cutting-edge VoIP service is as a walk in the park. Phone.com’s VoIP service is an excellent choice for remote workers and small businesses operating for their home offices.

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