Work From Home (WFH) News and Trends #5

Apple scraps office-return deadline; employees to get $1,000 bonus for WFH

The postponement came only weeks after Apple Inc. requested that staff return by February, a deadline that has previously been pushed back many times.

When you WFH, is your bed considered part of your commute? Yes, according to a German court

A man who was injured while walking from his bedroom to his home office should be covered by his employer’s insurance, according to the Federal Social Court.

If possible, Goldman Sachs London employees are encouraged to work from home

As the City of London’s top corporations respond to the latest government instructions, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has advised its London employees to work from home if possible.

Job monitoring of remote workers is on the rise. For some, the consequences might be disastrous

Surveillance is having a significant detrimental impact on the workforce.

The revolution in remote work hasn’t happened yet

It’s difficult to keep track of all the ways the epidemic has disrupted “regular” living, but one of the most major shifts has undoubtedly been how, where, and even when we work.

The Biggest Downside to Remote Work (and How to Address It) according to Microsoft research

What happens if we arrange all of our encounters at work? You jeopardize innovation.

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