Work From Home (WFH) News and Trends #12

Mitsubishi to U.S. employees: Work from home forever

Mitsubishi Motors North America will allow most of its 300 U.S. employees to work from home indefinitely.

Would You Be Prepared To Take A Pay Cut To WFH For Good?

One law firm is offering a 20% pay cut to those who want to work remotely.

Choice of WFH or work in the office makes staff happier’

A new report from Jabra reveals that employees with full autonomy to choose where they work are happier in their job, yet only one in five are currently able to do so.

Good riddance to work from home, Google’s former CEO says but YOU CAN ONLY COME TO THE OFFICE 3 DAYS A WEEK

Google’s voluntary work-from-home policy ended on Monday, April 4. Now employees who didn’t apply for an extension or permission to work from home permanently have to come into the office three times a week. 

Apple employees criticize work-from-home policy in open letter

A group of Apple employees have written an open letter to the company’s executive team complaining about its new policy that only allows for two days of working from home, iMore has reported

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