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Remote and Hybrid Working on the Rise in the UK

Between September and January, 28% of UK employees reported working from home and traveling to work, while 16% did so solely, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

With 40% of residents using a hybrid schedule that involved working from home and commuting to the office, London had the highest percentage of home workers and hybrid workers in the nation. With 30%, the east of England had the second-highest percentage of hybrid workers.

Only 6% of workers aged 16 to 24 exclusively work from home, indicating that this pattern is less common among younger workers. The likelihood of reporting home-only or hybrid working is higher for employees in the highest income bracket, those with a degree or higher education, and those in professional occupations.

Only 14% of employees in the lowest income bracket reported working from home or in a hybrid setting, and 75% of them had to travel to their place of employment. Employees in the public sector reported more hybrid work (35% vs. 26% in the private sector). 32% of self-employed workers reported doing all of their work from home, compared to 14% of employees. To foster a supportive work environment, companies are urged to offer the same support to employees who work in-office, hybrid, or remotely.





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