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  • Overwhelm: The Survival Guide

    Overwhelm: The Survival Guide

    by Leo Babauta Feeling overwhelmed with work and personal tasks is one of the biggest problems that the people I work with are facing. It turns out, our lives can be pretty overwhelming. There’s so much to do, never enough time to do it, and who knows what we should be focusing on? We’re always […]

  • A Quick Guide to Planning Your Year

    A Quick Guide to Planning Your Year

    By Leo Babauta The beginning of the year offers such a beautiful blank slate. A fresh beginning is something to take advantage of: we can start anew, and reinvent our lives. If you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut, this is the perfect time to make the most of this year’s blank […]

  • Prevent Home Office Burnout By Following These Tips

    Prevent Home Office Burnout By Following These Tips

    Follow your work schedule It seems like you’ve liked the notion of working all day in your pyjamas at first, now that remote working is in full swing for numerous organizations, it’s critical to preserve as many professional and social boundaries as possible. Its because your psychological brain needs to recognize the shift from ‘non-work […]

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