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  • How to Let Go of Obsessive Overthinking

    How to Let Go of Obsessive Overthinking

    BY LEO BABAUTA Sometimes, our heads won’t stop thinking about something. Our thoughts will spin around and around, not willing to let go, obsessing. It might be about another person, a big event coming up, or about ourselves. It might be overthinking a decision, big or small. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s a human thing […]

  • Five Ways to Simplify Your Life

    Five Ways to Simplify Your Life

    by Leo Babauta One of the great joys of my life is living simply, and every now and then finding ways to return to simplicity. Life tends to get complicated with time, and so I find ways to simplify. I’ve done lists with 100 ways to simplify, but obviously that’s not very simple! So today […]

  • Why Perfectionism Stops Us from Creating New Habits

    Why Perfectionism Stops Us from Creating New Habits

    By Leo Babauta When we decide to create a new habit — exercise, healthy eating, meditation, writing — we can get excited and optimistic, and have an idea of how it will go perfectly. This is such a hopeful time! Unfortunately, reality has other plans. Our perfect idea of how our new habit will go […]

  • How To Make The Most of Your 24 Hours

    How To Make The Most of Your 24 Hours

    BY LEO BABAUTA So many of us feel a scarcity of time: we feel rushed, like there’s not enough time to do everything, always behind, never feeling like we’re doing enough. This problem is called “time scarcity,” and it’s one of the most common stresses in our society. So how do we deal with this? Unfortunately, […]

  • A Quick Guide to Planning Your Year

    A Quick Guide to Planning Your Year

    By Leo Babauta The beginning of the year offers such a beautiful blank slate. A fresh beginning is something to take advantage of: we can start anew, and reinvent our lives. If you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut, this is the perfect time to make the most of this year’s blank […]

  • Handling Difficult Challenges

    Handling Difficult Challenges

    In general, we avoid difficult jobs by deferring them while doing lighter chores or distracting ourselves. This is reasonable since a tough activity can be intimidating or overwhelming, yet allocating our time between urgent but simple chores and difficult but vital tasks is often an expensive decision. So, for a moment, let’s speak about difficult […]

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